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Pierre Parade Productions came from the shared desire to keep and teach New Orleans Culture alive and turns them it into premier Mardi Gras service provides everyone could enjoy. They laid out the opportunity to take basic boat trailers to lavish high end second line floats.

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Inez Pierre is the Owner of Pierre Parade Productions LLC and Co-Owner of Crescent City Artist LLC alongside her partner (in life and business), Husband Rene Pierre. Inez received a B.S. in Recording Industry Management and a minor in Entertainment Technology from Middle Tennessee State University where she homed in on her passion for Music and making things happen.

Pierre Parade Productions got its start in a Gentilly backyard (that belonged to her mother Gaynelle) where Inez and Rene made small batches of the now world-famous Mardi Gras Porch Floats and sold them door to door in their local New Orleans community and, eventually, Houston TX.  Pierre Parade Productions/Crescent City Artists has grown over the five years into a nationally recognized brand that can be found in cities like Washington D.C., Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee.


Inez’s enthusiasm to make a difference and to do business the “right way” motivated the company to become a customer favorite, which is recognized as the highest standard of responsibility in her field. When not giving her heart and soul to Pierre Parade Productions, Inez can be found loving her daughter Anais,  teaching her all the things she was not taught, caring for her mom Gaynelle who lives with vascular dementia, and enjoying cruising!

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